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Chandrashtama and TITANIC disaster

Astrological reasons for the ship accident

MESHA rashi (ARIES)January 16, 17, 18(until 7.30 am),  February 12(from 11.30 am), 13, 14(until 5.40 pm)

VRISHABHA rashi: January 18(from 7.30 am), 19, 20(until 8.30 am),  February14(from 5.40 pm), 15, 16(until 8 pm)

MITHUNA rashi : January 20(from 8.30 am), 21, 22(until 8.30 am),  February 16(from 8 pm), 17, 18        

KARKA rashi: December 26, 27,  January 22(from 8.30 am), 23, 24(until 9 am),  February 19, 20(until 7.15 pm)

SIMHA rashi : December 28, 29,  January 24(from 9 am), 25, 26(until 11.45 am),                                                                February 20(from 7.15 pm), 21, 22(until 8 pm)

KANYA rashi(VIRGO) December 30, 31,  January 1(until 11.30 am), 26(from 11.45 am), 27, 28(until 11 am), 

                    February 22(from 8 pm), 23, 24

TULA rashi: January 1(from 11.30 am), 2, 3(until 7 pm), 28(from 11 am), 29, 30,   February 25, 26, 27(until 7.15 am)

VRISCHIKA rashi : January 3(from 7 pm), 4, 5, 31,  February 1, 2(until 11am), 27, 28

DHANU rashiJanuary 6, 7, 8(until 4 pm),  February 2(from 11 am), 3, 4

MAKAR rashi : January 8(from 4 pm), 9, 10,  February 5, 6, 7(unil 11.15 am)

KUMBHA rashi : January 11, 12, 13(until 5 pm),  February 7(from 11.15 am), 8, 9

MEENA rashi: January 13(from 5 pm), 14, 15,  February 10, 11, 12(until 11.30 am)


There is no remedy to overcome Chandrashtama effect. Prayers will reduce the negative factors considerably. However, even Rank 1 Raja Yoga horoscope persons will face minor obstacles on chandrashtama days. More than 99% people will face only minor obstacles in their daily life. Nothing to fear about chandrashtama days. But caution is required. Don't spend money on doing remedies. Try your best to avoid the days for important work. Use the days for Religious activities and In-house work. If you don't know your Rashi(moon sign) use the following website to find your rashi. Click on Know your Rashi button. 


ABOUT CHANDRASHTAMA : Chandrashtama days will occur for all Rashi(moon sign) natives when Chandra(Moon) transits in the 8th rashi. Thetwo and quarter Chandrashtama days are considered as inauspicious and less supportive. It was followed by people from vedic period.



Benefits(positive) factors of Chandrashtama:


Help people to know the problems around them.

You can escape from major troubles if you are cautious.


You will get more chances to identify the problems within you and your living environment.You will rectify your mistakes.


Help to identify your health problems. During chandrashtama surgeries should not be planned(except emergency).


Very useful for religious activities including chanting mantras and reading spiritual books.


Useful to spend time with your family at home.


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Chandrashtama and Rahu Kal are the major astrological reasons for the Titanic disaster. Captain Edward Smith and shipowner Bruce Ismay had undergone Chandrashtama period after the departure. Titanic commenced her journey from Southamption during Rahu Kal(inauspicious time as per UK time zone)

Captain Edward Smith

Rashi(moon sign): KARKA


For Smith chandrashtama commenced on 13th April 1912. Chandrashtma continued until 7 pm(approx) on 14th April 1912(tragedy day). Due to chandrashtama Smith underestimated repeated iceberg warnings from others ships. Titanic received 6 warning messages prior to accident about icebergs and large quantities of field ice. Smith ignored the warnings and the ship continued to sail at high speed.

Ship owner Bruce Ismay

Rashi(moon sign): SIMHA


Chandrashtama commenced for him on 14th April 1912(approximately 7 pm onwards). Titanic was hit by giant iceberg when he was under Chandrashtama period. Other astro factors based on his rashi are as follows: 8th Transit of Rahu from his Simha rashi(moon sign). The combined transit of chandra and rahu commenced on 14th April(disaster day).

The astro analysis shows clearly that Chandrashtama played a vital role in the tragedy.

Images Source: Wikipedia Commons

CHANDRASHTAMA DAYS - Unfavourable Days